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CSA #10

Dear CSA-ers,

This week’s preassembled bag will contain Arugula, Red Mist Head Lettuce, 2 bundles of Swiss Chard, Radishes, and Carrots. Orders may now be placed on the website at

As we move into May, work on the farm reaches breakneck pace. There are animal chores, bed planting, weeding, harvesting for CSA, and now, plant training. Some of our plants require more care than others to reach their peak performance. In particular, tomatoes and cucumbers, that grow as vines, need pruning and trellising to produce in abundance. Work put in now pays off later, but it is nevertheless a herculean chore to string 1000 feet of tomatoes.

On the planting front, the eggplant and pepper plants went into their tunnel space this past Thursday. We have some favorite varieties coming back, and some cool new ones on the way. We won’t spoil all of the surprises, but returning, we will have the Asian style “Ping Tung” eggplants and Italian “Corno di Toro” that were both market favorites last year. New to the lineup is a uniquely flavored Sweet Pepper from the Caribbean called “Ají dulce.” There’s many varieties in that tunnel, and we’re looking forward to putting them in bags, starting mid-summer.

Coming back from to the present, one of our strongest mid-Spring growers is Arugula. For that reason, it is this week’s featured vegetable. Arugula, or ‘Roquette’ as it is called in Europe, is a delightfully piquant green that can be eaten raw or cooked. Some people love its raw peppery bite, but for those that don’t, cooking it can render the green more mild. Arugula is unfortunately a favorite of flea beetles, so minor bug-holing is present in our organically grown product. Who can blame them though? The plant is rich in Vitamins A, C, and K as well as many trace minerals essential for health. Try it in salads, as a pizza topper, or in omelets. Some people even make a sort of early spring pesto from it. We would love to hear how you use it.

As always, we thank you for your ongoing support of our farm. It brings us much joy to be part of this community and contribute to its regional food security. Wishing you and those you hold dear a wonderful and healthy week.

The Magney Legacy Ridge Farm Team